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We quickly supply affordable European top developer(s) for your software development. From a single developer to entire teams.

  • We only work with Top 5% EU Tech Talent
  • Highly educated- and experienced developers
  • Perfect english language skills
  • Developers in your time zone for smooth communication
  • Save up to 50% on your outsourcing fees immediately

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We specialize in various IT Technologies

Top 5% Developers

Óscala’s unique formula guarantees the best services for entrepreneurs in the tech sector who are looking for affordable, but above all high-quality expansion of their development teams. Not all developers are good enough for us. We offer, among other things:

  • Match with your company culture, time zone and work mentality
  • Perfect English language skills
  • All common software languages
  • Well educated developers
Find Top 5% Developers FAST

Low costs, high flexibility

Óscala is the specialist in remote secondment of dedicated software developers. We can fill all your IT vacancies. From one FTE to outstaffing of complete development teams.

  • Easily and quickly scale up and down capacity.
  • Get started within 2 weeks
  • Cheaper than western european developer rates
Quickly find affordable Developers

Develop quickly, without hassle

Forget stagnant projects or high employee turnover. Óscala helps you find developers who would like to continue working for your organization through our unique culture and retention policy:

  • Local Dutch management and HR supervision for your team.
  • Focus on team building, training and social events.
  • Very low staff turnover.
  • High employee satisfaction.
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Develop faster with Top 5% IT Talent?

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