.Net Developers

.NET Developers

The shortage in the labour market for Software developers has been significant for many years and does not seem to be easing. This issue also extends to Microsoft .Net developers. Specialists in this field are often unavailable, difficult to find and when found often operate at a premium market rate. A practical and inexpensive solution for .Net vacancies which are difficult to occupy, is to recruit a remote team of efficient .Net Specialists in Spain.

Are your Microsoft .Net Developer vacancies difficult to fill? Why not recruit remotely in Spain?

You recruit your own remote .Net team that work exclusively for your company for 40 hours a week. You select the best candidate (or team) from a pool of candidates proposed by us. Via Óscala, the .Net Engineers or Developers work full-time for your company from our Spanish offices. They work exclusively for you for eight hours a day for five days a week, while adhering to the rules and procedures of your company.

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The advantages of nearshoring via the Oscala Development centre:

Ruim aanbod van ervaren .Net Developers.
Wide range of experienced .Net Developers.
Hoogopgeleid (min. Bachelor niveau), Goed Engelssprekend.
Highly educated (min. Bachelor level), proficiency in English.
Lagere loonkosten.
Lower labour costs.
Binnen dezelfde tijdzone, en vergelijkbaar bedrijfscultuur en werkmentaliteit.
Within the same time zone, and similar corporate culture and work mentality.
Op 2-uur-vliegen afstand
With only a 2-hour flight distance to Spain, it’s convenient to allow your Spanish team members to temporarily work in the Netherlands, or conversely for your Dutch team to visit Spain.

Way of working

Óscala searches for the most suitable .Net developers for your organisation from our extensive network of Spanish Developers. Our recruitment team usually needs about 2 weeks to source and interview a number of candidates based on your vacancy profile and briefing. Selected candidates who meet the profile are proficient in English and are motivated to work for you. If you are satisfied with the candidate list, you have the ability to manage the recruitment process and organise your own application and test rounds. After your final selection is complete for one or more .Net Developers, the candidates are offered an employment contract via Óscala.

Support for your .Net Developer

Óscala ensures that your remote .Net developers work comfortably. We provide a fully equipped workplace and the right hardware and software facilities which meet your specification. Thanks to our on-site supervision and your direct communication with the .Net team in Spain, everything is aimed at having the remote collaboration operational as soon as possible, ensuring its success. Moreover, given we take care of all administrative matters, you or your developers can focus on your core business of .Net software development.

Benefits of Óscala:


Years of experience in IT recruitment and a large candidate network in Spain.


Offices in the Netherlands and Spain; local NL and Spanish-speaking management.

uitstekend prijs/kwaliteit verhouding

Simplicity of a single all-in-one invoice per month. Excellent value for money.


Flexibility in scaling up or scaling down of .Net developers.


Peace of mind with Oscala taking care of all HR matters.