Java Developers

Java Developers

Currently, there is a major shortage of experienced Java developers in the Netherlands. It is for this reason, together with the high wages in the Netherlands, that small and medium-sized companies are increasingly choosing Óscala to source Java Developers to work on a remote basis.

Óscala’s solution: remote Java developers – in Spain

Óscala recruits Java developers based on your wishes and expectations. The candidate (or team) selected by you will work from our own offices in Spain. This ensures the rapid and flexible establishment of your own development team, while avoiding the typically high start-up costs. Your remote Java developers are an extension of your own in-house development team.

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How to hire Java Developers

We undertake a search for the most accomplished Java Developers for your organisation. All candidates are software professionals with the required experience and education, a solid command of the English language and possess the right work ethic. Typically, we only require two weeks to recruit a selection of Java developers, including screening them at our end and then introducing the preferred candidates to you. At this point, you select which of these candidates you would like to interview.

The selected candidate can commence working with you quickly. It can sometimes be beneficial too, for the newly appointed Developer to come to the Netherlands for a period to help build familiarity.

Óscala provides:

  • The recruitment of your candidates.
  • Employment contract with the selected candidate, management of payroll, sick leave and local taxes.
  • Office space management, infrastructure and security.
  • HR management and retention of your Java developers.