Front-End Developers

Front-End Developers

Óscala assists companies in recruiting experienced Front End developers, who work from our fully equipped offices situated in Barcelona and Valencia, Spain.

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Utilising Óscala’s comprehensive services to recruit front end developers ensures:

Toegang tot een ruim aanbod van beschikbare, kundige en betaalbare Front End developers

We source Front End programmers based on your needs and specifications.


Access to a large network of available, skilled and affordable Front End developers. Our network extends to a large supply of Spanish developers with expertise in one or more forms of software technology. We work closely with you to understand your needs and match experienced candidates with you based on technical capability and cultural fit.

Lage kosten

No start-up costs or hassles to distract you from your business and software development.


We manage all HR and administrative tasks including payroll, taxes, holidays and sick leave, so you can focus on core business and managing your team.

Management of your development team

You have direct communication and responsibility over your team of Developers, without the need for intermediaries. As you would in an in-house development team, you are responsible for assessing and evaluating performance based on quality and quantity of work.    

Budget friendly

In utilising our services, you don’t need to invest in expensive office space or additional staff as your business grows. This ensures both flexibility and a reduction in costs, particularly in cases where your volume of work is lower than anticipated.