Scala Developers

Scala Developers

Companies and organisations that work with Scala recognise how difficult it is to find experienced and skilled Scala Software Developers. To source a Scala Developer in the Dutch market requires a considerable investment in both time and money, without the certainty that the right candidate will eventually be found.

Hiring a Scala Developer or a Scala team by utilising a system integrator, software house or secondment company is a possible solution, but it is one which has a hefty price tag.

Your remote Scala Developer in Spain

Óscala offers a solution for securing highly skilled and professional Scala software developers, without additional investment or high costs: hiring of a remote Scala developer in Spain.

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The Óscala approach combines:

Access to our extensive database and network of Scala developers in Spain.
Lage kosten
Affordable rates, likely at a lower rate than a developer in permanent employment in The Netherlands. Savings can be more significant too, when comparing the costs associated with secondment or hiring a freelance Developer in the Netherlands.
HR services, including supervision, payroll, taxes and administration of vacation and sick leave.

The Scala developers work for your company on a full-time basis for 40 hours per week. They work exclusively for you as an extension of your in-house Scala team, without third party involvement. The developers are proficient in English, are typically academically trained and have the necessary experience. Accordingly, your remote Scala team will represent an integral part of your IT department.

We welcome the opportunity for a consultation to explore the possibilities, timing and costs of this solution with Óscala.