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Finding Software Developers is becoming increasingly challenging due to the lack of available, well-trained IT professionals in The Netherlands, even for Recruiters or IT recruitment agencies.

Are you experiencing difficulties recruiting qualified IT / Software Developers in the Netherlands at a reasonable price? Are you dissatisfied with the price and/or quality of your current IT development partner and do you want to have more control over the process, time and associated costs?

Do the cultural differences in an offshore software development organisation based in Asia, such as India, China, Taiwan, Vietnam or the Philippines concern you? Or does your current nearshore IT development partner from Eastern European countries (such as Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia or Ukraine) or the Baltic States (Lithuania, Estonia or Latvia) give you the feeling that your wishes or corporate culture are not fully understood?

Do you wish you could combine a pleasant lifestyle with your growth objectives? These are all reasons to consider Oscala’s Nearshore Software Development Centre in Spain with professional, quality, low cost & flexible staff and set up.

You can outsource your IT development to our centres in Barcelona or Valencia in Spain. Spain has a large pool of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals. Software Developers selected by you to work remotely from our Nearshore IT Development Centres are under the supervision of our Dutch-speaking supervisors. These software developers work exclusively for your company. In addition, you have the option of flying these Spanish Software Developers to The Netherlands from time to time or alternatively you can come and work in Spain in our Development Centre. Culture, time difference and distance or accessibility are no obstacles in this nearshore set up, a frequently voiced concern of offshore organisations. 

Snelle start
Quick start
Beschikbaarheid van talent
Availability of talent
Kosten efficiënt
Cost efficient
Geen Admin en HR problemen
No Administrative and HR problems
Werkplekken in zonnig Spanje
Workplaces in sunny Spain

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Remote Software Development Outsourcing

You are seeking a software developer



Óscala discusses your corporate culture and IT vacancy to fully appreciate your needs


software developers

Óscala approaches and selects software developers in Spain



Óscala conducts personal interviews



Óscala introduces you to the preferred candidates and you select the most suitable



Your developer can travel to NL for an induction program or alternatively you have the option to travel to Spain



Your developer commences in Spain with ongoing supervision and guidance

Why nearshoring Software Developers / IT development?

Nearshore software development

Nearshore software development center in Spain

  • Dutch company with offices in Valencia & Barcelona, ​​with local Dutch-speaking management and HR supervision for all its IT developers.
  • After an optional training period in the Netherlands, the Software Developer works from Spain, exclusively for the Dutch customer.
  • If you prefer to travel to Spain to help familiarise your new IT staff or to train them at a later stage, this is always welcome.
kwalitatief hoogwaardige IT programmeurs

Wide range of talented and professional it programmers

  • The Spanish software industry is comparable or equal in standard to the Dutch one.
  • The Óscala IT recruitment team is well networked and is at the heart of the Spanish Tech community, with perfect and fast access to the most talented IT personnel.
  • The Software Developers we can supply are proficient in English, have a university education, range in level from junior to senior and are accomplished in all common software languages, from Java, PHP to .Net and mobile development.
Lage kosten

Simplicity, low cost, high flexibility

  • A single inclusive invoice per month.
  • Oscala recruits its own Developer / Development team for the customer.  This Developer or    Development team work exclusively for the company and their behaviours align with the core values and collective behaviours of the organisation.  In most cases, they can commence working for you within 2 weeks.
  • More cost efficient than the Netherlands, comparable to nearshore countries such as Ukraine.
  • No recruitment and office costs, 100% completion guarantee.
  • Easy and fast scaling up and down of capacity.
Spaanse cultuur

Spanish culture

  • Western work mentality, disciplined and committed.
  • Dutch customers are very welcome at the offices of our Spanish Nearshore Software Development Centres: beautiful cities situated on the Mediterranean Sea with a pleasant lifestyle and rich in (winter) sun, gastronomy and culture, 2.5 hours flying time from the Netherlands.
Expertise gebieden

Areas of expertise

  • Backend, Frontend, App and Mobile Software Development.
  • Software Architecture.
  • Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and (Internet) Security.
  • Web design (UI, UX, Graphics).


  • Agile, Scrum.

Recruitment and Selection of IT personnel

If, for whatever reason, you prefer to employ your own IT staff in the Netherlands, we can also assist you with International Recruitment & Selection of IT staff.

The demand for software developers is now many times greater than the supply, and it does not look like the demand will ease in the foreseeable future. This creates tension in the labour market and a huge challenge for companies, recruitment and selection agencies to source the right candidates.

We can fill your vacancies in the Netherlands through international recruitment and selection of IT professionals. This is achieved by focusing our recruitment on foreign IT professionals. Our recruitment team and our extensive international network provides our potential clients with IT professionals, primarily from Spain, but also from other (Eastern) European countries, Russia and the Ukraine. Óscala offers Software Developers the opportunity to build an international career.

The Software professionals we place with you will be a valuable addition to any IT organisation. We assist our clients to find talented professionals who have the desired character traits and competencies, so that your IT team can deliver the optimal performance.

Main IT Technologies

Java, Scala, PHP, .NET, C, C++, C#, SQL, Oracle, Android, iOS, Ruby, Kafka, Angular, NodeJS, Python, Django, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SharePoint, Hadoop/Cassandra, Magento, Sitecore, etc.

Hybride combination Recruitment & Selection Netherlands and Nearshore / Remote development centre Spain

In addition to the aforementioned models, hybrid set ups are also negotiable, whereby for instance, a software developer or an entire IT development team, initially comes to work for you in the Netherlands for a six-month period and subsequently works from one of our remote IT development centres in Spain.