Android Developers

Android Developers

Are you looking for Android Developers, but can’t find them locally, for the right price? Óscala offers an alternative solution – we can establish your Spanish Android team to operate remotely.

Hiring of remote Android Developers

We recruit and select Android specialists who will work for you on a full-time basis from our Nearshore Development centre. We provide supervision, a comfortable workplace, and arrange HR tasks including all administrative functions such as salary, taxes, sick leave and vacation. It is possible to have your own Android team operational within only a few weeks. This team will be selected by you and managed significantly by your own Software Leadership team.

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Why organise the hiring of Android Developers through Óscala?

There is an abundant supply of Android Developers in Spain, compared to either the Netherlands or Belgium. Furthermore, there is no compromise as software developers in Spain are highly professional and are of equal standard to Dutch and/or Belgian developers.


Interview, test and select Android candidates yourself

All candidates presented to you fit your profile requirements, match your company culture and have a high level of proficiency in English. Based on your requirements, we will create a shortlist where you can select which candidates you would like to interview and proceed with a potential test assignment.

Lage kosten

Low costs

Hiring an Android Software Developer in Spain through Oscala ensures a significant saving on your IT budget.

For many companies, it’s not just the low cost or the availability of talent, but having flexibility in resources that plays a decisive role in the decision to work with us. Whether your company is scaling up or scaling down or allowing the Android developer to settle in the Netherlands for a while – many things are negotiable and can be organised effortlessly and promptly.

Korte looptijd

Short term

Given our recruitment team has a relevant network of Android specialists, we are often able to present the first candidates to you within only a 2 – 3 week timeframe. Moreover, as the notice period in Spain is usually only 14 days, the chosen candidate (or candidates) can commence working for you almost immediately.