iOS Developers

iOS Developers

Are you seeking iOS Developers, but are unable to source them in either the Netherlands or Belgium, or is the price (salary, hourly rate) too costly? Óscala helps you establish your Spanish iOS team.

Hire iOS Developers in our Nearshore development centre in Valencia?

We recruit and select IT talent for your company, who will work for you on a full time basis. Óscala takes responsibility for all HR functions including the administration of salary, taxes, sick leave and vacation. In addition, Óscala ensures that a pleasant and comfortable work environment is provided which is conducive to performance and productivity. We work quickly and efficiently: within a few weeks Óscala will introduce the right candidates to you, who you can then interview. After you have selected the appropriate candidate, the Spanish iOS Developers work completely and exclusively for you, as an integral part of your own Software Development team.

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Why work with Óscala for the hiring of iOS Developers?

Availability and quality

There is a significant pool of highly professional and available iOS Developers in Spain. Spanish Developers are typically as experienced and skilled as their Dutch or Belgian counterparts. All candidates presented to you meet your profile requirements, match your company culture and are proficient in English. Based on the shortlist we provide, you will select the candidate/s you would like to interview, with the possibility of assessing the performance of the candidate/s during a probationary period.

Low costs

Hiring an IOS Software Developer in our Spanish Nearshore development centre means lower costs than you are accustomed to in either the Netherlands or Belgium.

In partnering with Óscala, you have the flexibility to either scale up or scale down. Your team can often be expanded within only a few weeks. There is the possibility too, for the Spanish iOS Developers to work at your office in the Netherlands for a certain period.

We have access to a large database of experienced Spanish iOS specialists, which ensures we are quick to respond – you are usually provided with a list of available candidates within 2 to 3 weeks. Furthermore, the notice period in Spain is usually 14 days, which means that the chosen candidate or candidates can commence working with you promptly.

Every developer hired from our organisation, is provided with a fully equipped workspace in our beautiful office situated in the centre of Valencia. In addition, the excellent air connections between the Netherlands and Spain, provides convenience for team members to regularly visit the Spanish team.

To ensure continuity and long-term partnership with your Spanish Developer(s), the Managers at our nearshore office concentrate on the well-being of the iOS Developers.