Cost Outsourcing Software Development Spain

Outlined on this page, are the costs associated with the outsourcing of software Development to our Nearshore IT Development Centres in Valencia and Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Cost Outsourcing to our IT Development Centers

When you engage with our remote software developers in one of our Nearshore IT Development Centres, it is important to take note of the following:

  • No upfront costs; including recruitment fees.
  • It is only when you have selected the right developer who starts working exclusively for you, that a monthly fixed fee is payable.

The monthly fee structure incorporates the following:

  • Salary costs.
  • Employer’s costs.
  • Legal costs (contract according to local law).
  • HR costs.
  • Workplace and office costs.
  • Costs associated with the required hardware, possibly in consultation with you.
  • Social events.

The exact cost of a Remote Software Developer depends on the years of experience and the type of technology which is required. Contact us if you already know what you are seeking and we will get back to you with a suitable offer.

You can read more about our working method on our page: Working method hiring remote IT Developers.

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What are the costs of nearshoring in Spain compared to offshore development in the rest of the world?

The following rates are indicative from various online surveys:


Latin America

25-45 €
per hour


Eastern Europe

22-45 €
per hour



17-35 €
per hour



15-35 €
per hour

  • Asia: between €15 and €35 ​​per hour.
  • Africa: between €17 and €35 ​​per hour.
  • Latin America: between €25 and €45 per hour.
  • Eastern Europe: between €22 and €45 per hour.
  • Óscala Development Centre, Spain: between €25 and €45 per hour.

As you can see from this list, the costs for nearshoring with us in Spain are comparable or more cost efficient than offshoring in other regions of the world. Contracting with us gains you value for money, together with the additional benefits of a location in close proximity to the Netherlands, facilitating a seamless integration into your company’s culture. 

Ter vergelijking

For comparison

  • If, for instance, you succeed in hiring a mid-level (5 years of experience) Software Developer as an employee, in the Netherlands the monthly salary will be approximately €4,500. If the additional costs (employer premiums/taxes, lease car, recruitment, HR, administration, office, etc.) are added to this, the total costs for this mid level Software Developer quickly amount to approximately €8,000, or €46 per hour.
  • Assuming you are unsuccessful in securing employment in the very tight labour market, you may consider hiring a mid-level candidate through a secondment agency. The rate for this approach is approximately €80 per hour.
  • Additionally, the rates for Freelancers are at a similar level, or more significant, in the current market.

Netherlands vs. Spain scenario


Software Developer

NL – As an employee on payroll:

approximately €8.000 per month

NL – via secondment or freelance:

from approximately € 14.000 per month

Via Óscala



Approximately €6.500 per month