Nearshore IT Outsourcing: Move your Software development to our Development Centre in Spain

Óscala can assist if you are considering relocating your software development to Spain through nearshore IT outsourcing. We provide comprehensive guidance in moving your IT development activities to Spain. Our development centres are situated in Valencia and Barcelona. The main challenge in this process is often finding qualified IT developers and a Lead Developer to manage your local team.

We have the experience and expertise to establish various development teams and we operate locally in both The Netherlands and Spain. We have more than 20 years of experience in pairing IT professionals to clients in the technology sector.

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Nearshore vs. Offshore

IT Outsourcing

Demand from Dutch technology-related businesses seeking to outsource their software or web development to distant countries in South America, Asia, or Africa is on the rise. The major justification for these offshore practices is typically around the price disparity and a shortage of skilled IT workers in The Netherlands. However, concerns about quality, cultural compatibility, and time zone differences often arise, as well as the challenges of communicating with and visiting remote outsource locations. Furthermore, flying in a staff member for a few weeks or visiting the location yourself is often impractical.

IT Outsourcing

In addition to offshoring, the term nearshoring is also being used more and more. Both terms are used for outsourcing software or web development abroad. However, the difference is that offshoring often refers to outsourcing outside the EU (e.g. South America, Asia or Africa) and nearshoring means outsourcing to closer countries such as Spain, Portugal, Greece or Eastern Europe.

Óscala has had positive interactions with Spain and can assist you to quickly find qualified IT personnel from our IT development centre in Valencia or Barcelona. In addition, there is also the possibility for you or your Dutch employees to work in Spain periodically or for the Spanish software developers to be stationed in The Netherlands for shorter periods. This can contribute greatly to involvement and lead to successful outsourcing.

Benefits of Nearshoring

Ruim aanbod
Qualified personnel from recognised universities / colleges
Large pool of staff available at reasonable salaries
Culture does not differ much from that of The Netherlands
Easy to travel to and from
Óscala - Nearshore IT Development
No time differences

Outsource your Software or web development to Spain

From our offices in either Valencia or Barcelona, ​​Spain, which are staffed in part with personnel fluent in Dutch, we have the capability to find and recruit top IT professionals. Óscala offers a comprehensive solution which incorporates everything in a single transparent rate such as: wages (including administration, social security charges and taxes), recruitment costs, HR, travel expenses, office space, hardware and on-site supervision etc. The recruitment and selection process will occur in close consultation with you and the chosen (English speaking) candidates will work exclusively for your organisation.

You and your employees are always very welcome to visit the office at any time, for purposes such as training, consultation or team building. Alternatively, the Spanish developers can easily visit your office in The Netherlands from Valencia or Barcelona. This typically leads to shorter lines of communication compared to outsourcing your development to countries in Asia, Africa or South America. Furthermore, working in the same time zone and cultural context enhances communication.

For development teams consisting of five or more members, there is also the possibility to establish development centres in Madrid.

For development teams of five people or more, there are also options to set up development centers in Madrid