IT Secondment

We are happy to assist you with remote IT secondment from our development centre in Valencia Spain. This usually involves positions at operational, tactical or strategic level. Depending on the job profile, project duration and the labour market, Óscala chooses the right form of project-based secondment from our development centre in Valencia in consultation with the customer. Óscala delivers tailor-made solutions for every assignment and deployment.

Both large and small companies and organisations need temporary specialised IT staff, especially for specific projects and knowledge areas. Of course, an organisation can train or recruit its own staff, but very often hiring ICT professionals turns out to be a better solution. Why? Below are four reasons to choose IT secondment in Spain.

Save more than 50% on your secondment costs

Compared to hiring a Software Developer through a Dutch secondment company, Óscala offers a very lucrative alternative. Under the same conditions (quickly available, flexible scaling up and down, highly educated, relevant experience) you can hire an English-speaking Developer from us for less than half of the total costs. To illustrate: a Medior Software Developer via a Dutch secondment agency easily costs between €70 and €90 per hour; at Óscala this range is €30 to 40 per hour. That’s a monthly saving of €7,000 or more, for the same quality.

International IT secondment

Whether your organization is looking for a brilliant Software Engineer for a complex project or a coaching team lead who sets out the big picture for the business, with Óscala’s international contacts your IT vacancies will be filled faster.

Want to know more about hiring Óscala Software professionals?
Please contact us directly, we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

IT secondment agency Óscala

IT outsourcing can be a wise decision when trying to hire highly competent IT staff. At Óscala we know how crucial it is to have the right IT knowledge to support the expansion and success of your business. We offer IT services to help you better respond to changing needs and project requirements.

What is IT secondment?

IT secondment means hiring external IT experts to work on specific projects or to cover temporary staff shortages. These experts can be seconded by us, where we are then responsible for hiring, selecting and managing the staff.

By choosing IT outsourcing you get the expertise of seasoned IT professionals without the hassle of hiring, selecting and managing contracts. You can easily hire qualified IT personnel for different projects, increasing your flexibility and productivity.

The benefits of IT secondment at Óscala

IT Secondment benefits your business in a number of ways, including access to expert knowledge. You can get in touch with IT specialists with the skills needed for your projects by outsourcing IT professionals. You’ll gain quick access to professionals in many areas, including cybersecurity, systems administration, and software development.

IT staffing also allows you to respond quickly to shifting project specifications and variations in IT staffing needs throughout the year. You can quickly scale up or down based on your needs, without long-term contractual obligations.

Efficiency in IT secondment

If you hire a specialized IT sourcing company such as Óscala to handle the recruitment, selection and contract administration of your company, you will save a lot of time and money. We manage the recruitment and management of talented staff so you can focus on your core business.

When IT professionals are seconded, they bring their knowledge and experience with them. Óscala’s remote development team will transfer that knowledge to your team, so that your company will have in-depth professional knowledge.

At Óscala we understand that every organization has specific IT staffing requirements. We work closely with you to choose the IT specialists best suited to your unique projects and company culture. Our team of gifted IT professionals has experience in various areas including database management, cloud solutions, software development and IT consulting.

You can count on the following when you work with Óscala for IT staff:

  • We offer a broad network of highly trained IT specialists who are available for secondment. Professionals that match your specific needs and specifications are carefully chosen by us.
  • We can meet your needs, whether you need just one IT specialist or a complete team. We offer flexibility and scalability to adapt to your changing needs.
  • You can rely on our knowledge, our extensive network and our commitment to success when we are your IT staffing partner.
  • Our IT specialists have extensive knowledge and experience. To ensure they meet our high quality standards, they are carefully chosen and subjected to strict screening.
  • We work closely with you to connect your company with the specialists in our network. We provide ongoing assistance and clear communication to ensure a successful collaboration.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!