Why Óscala?

Óscala strives to be the best nearshore service provider for both our clients and candidates/employees. At Óscala, we prioritise both our clients’ needs and the well-being of our developers. Our approach guarantees not only the satisfaction of our clients, but also the satisfaction of our employees, which is of the utmost importance to us.

In partnering with Óscala you can take advantage of the following benefits:


Quality service

Geografische nabijheid

Geographical proximity

Dezelfde tijdzone

Same time zone

West-Europese werkmentaliteit en - cultuur

Western european working mentality and culture

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Since 2017, Óscala in Spain has been providing nearshoring solutions to Dutch, German and Belgian companies that want to expand their software development capacity.

Óscala facilitates all types of collaboration, whether you wish to hire an individual Software Developer or establish a larger development team. We begin by recruiting and selecting a pool of suitable candidates who match your needs. We then assist you in arranging as many interviews as necessary, with the goal of having the most qualified Software Developers working for you as soon as possible.

Once you have accepted the members of your remote team, they become your full-time employees and work from one of our two offices in Spain. You manage your team directly, and we provide a comfortable working environment, supervision and HR/administrative support.

We are based in both the Netherlands and Spain

As a customer, you benefit not only from the expertise of highly skilled software developers, but also from their motivation and positive attitude towards ensuring a successful working experience with your company.

It is very easy to either visit your team in Valencia or Barcelona, or for them to travel to The Netherlands.

As a valued customer, you can trust that you are in capable hands. With over two decades of experience in connecting international IT professionals with positions in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, our team in Haarlem is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. In addition, our recruitment specialists in Spain are committed to finding the best candidates to fill your Software Development vacancies.

At Óscala, our team of dedicated employees in Spain and The Netherlands work tirelessly to ensure a seamless and enjoyable collaboration with our valued customers!