Sourcing IT Personnel Way of working

Sourcing capable and experienced IT personnel in the Netherlands has become a challenge, as IT becomes more integral to business operations. The solution lies in seeking ICT professionals from international sources.

In recent years, the shortage of IT personnel in the Netherlands has attracted international professionals. The Dutch labour market provides opportunities that can be difficult or impossible to obtain in some other countries. These include interesting and challenging IT projects at leading companies, favourable terms of employment, and with the widespread use of English, an enticing environment for expats. Accordingly, colleagues often have little difficulty in adjusting to life in the Netherlands.

Dutch ICT projects are typically complex and only highly qualified employees possess the right skill base and qualifications to succeed. As such, there are stringent minimum requirements for IT professionals seeking recruitment with Óscala.

Óscala specialises in sourcing ICT professionals from countries such as Spain, Portugal, Ukraine and Russia. These markets are home to a large pool of well-qualified professionals who are eager to expand beyond their local labour market and improve their career prospects with international opportunities. By tapping into this large network of international talent, you will benefit from their expertise and ambitious drive.

Our international IT sourcing activities comprise three core elements: Nearshore IT outsourcing through our development centres in Valencia and Barcelona, ​​recruitment & selection and a hybrid form.

Nearshore IT outsourcing

There is growing demand from Dutch IT companies to outsource their web or software development to countries such as Spain. This is largely due to price and a lack of highly skilled IT personnel in the Netherlands.

If you are contemplating moving your development abroad, we can assist you with our nearshore services. Óscala offers you various options to move your IT development to Spain. You can find additional information about this on our Nearshore IT outsourcing page.

Highly Skilled Migrant / International Recruitment & Selection

Óscala has a strong and growing presence in the international IT market. The Óscala team possesses extensive experience in finding the most competent international IT talent. In local markets we have relationships with various specialist recruiters. Thanks to this specialised network, we can promptly identify the ideal individuals for your needs. For additional information about the recruitment & selection of international IT professionals, please refer to our IT Recruitment & Selection page.