Full Stack Developers

Full Stack Developers

Do you require Full-stack development support but are you unable to source Developer(s) in The Netherlands? Óscala can assist you in establishing a team of accomplished Full-stack Developers in Valencia. This team will work with you exclusively for 40 hours per week, whilst Óscala manages all non-technical matters such as payroll, taxes and provision of office space. Your Full-stack team in Valencia is fully integrated into the software development department within your organisation.

The benefits that Óscala can offer you in its Nearshore Development centre in Spain include:

  • A wide selection of accomplished and available Full-stack Developers. All candidates presented to you fully match your profile requirements and expectations. Based on the shortlist we provide, you will select the candidate/s you would like to interview, with the possibility of assessing the performance of the candidate/s during a probationary period.
  • Low costs.

In all cases, hiring a Software Developer in our Spanish Nearshore development centre ensures better value-for-money than engaging a Software Developer in the Netherlands or Belgium. The total costs are significantly lower, while the quality of candidates is comparable or equal to those in the Benelux region.

  • Within only a few weeks, you can expand or reduce your development capacity in Spain. This is convenient if your development project takes more or less time than anticipated.
  • Óscala has an extensive network of experienced Spanish full-stack specialists, which ensures that our recruitment team is able to source a suitable full-stack developer within a 2 to 3 week timeframe. In addition, the notice period in Spain is usually 14 days, which means that the chosen candidate or candidates can commence working with you promptly.
  • All developers hired through us are provided with a fully equipped workspace in our beautiful office situated in the centre of Valencia, ensuring convenience and easy accessibility to the city.
  • To ensure continuity and that your Developer(s) remain with your company for a long period of time, it is important that the Full-stack Developer(s) feel at home and comfortable. Our Managers in the Nearshore Development centre focus on a positive and pleasant work environment by concentrating on employee well-being and professional development.
  • With Óscala overseeing the handling of taxes and the administration of salary, holidays and illness for your Full-stack Developers, your attention can be focused on the core aspect of the business, developing software.