Mobile Developers

Mobile Developers

The IT industry offers a wide range of career options, but one path that has experienced significant growth in demand and job opportunities is that of Mobile Developers. This is due in part to the widespread use of mobile devices, with nearly 5 billion mobile users worldwide. Mobile devices are essential tools and used for various purposes including shopping, music, bill payment and video streaming.

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What characteristics are we looking for in a Mobile Developer candidate in Spain?

At our development centre in Spain, we are constantly seeking talented iOS and Android developers who possess a genuine passion for mobile technology and the ability to develop high performing apps. We are looking for professionals who can utilise the latest data technology, software and services to create innovative ideas and solutions for our Óscala clients. In addition, the programmers we are seeking will have proven experience in implementing, maintaining and supporting Mobile technology. The minimum requirements for this position include proficiency in native iOS development (using Swift and Objective-C) and/or native Android development (using Java). A typical project for this role would involve building service-oriented applications using Angular 2 (with TypeScript) for web and NativeScript for mobile.  The required professional experience for this job includes:

  • Experience in the development of apps for iOS and/or Android.
  • Javascript Software Developer (>2 years) and backend experience (>1 year Java, .Net, PHP, Node.js, REST-based interfaces), building Single Page Applications using Javascript frameworks such as Angular, React or Backbone,
  • Experience with Node.js is highly desirable, and
  • Experience with Agile (Scrum, Pair Programming, Code Reviews).

Which Dutch companies need Mobile Developers?

Dutch companies of all types and sizes, including large corporations, start-ups, IT companies, SMEs and creative and media agencies are actively seeking skilled mobile app developers to meet the high demand for mobile development talent in the market.