How to Hire Remote IT Developers

On this page you can read more about our working methodology for the remote hiring of IT developers in our Nearshore IT Development Centres in Valencia and Barcelona.

Step-by-step plan for hiring a remote IT developer

By going through the following steps you will have one or more remote Software Developers working in Spain in no time:


Assessing your needs & cooperation agreement for hiring a remote it developer

To provide you with optimal candidates, it is important for us to learn about your company and your business needs. Discussions with your company may include addressing its culture and objectives, your software development needs, the structure of the team and job descriptions. Naturally too, we also discuss our General Terms and Conditions and make agreements about cooperating moving forward.

We record your needs and expectations in a vacancy profile/s which contain all the relevant information. This includes a description of the company and the job, duties and responsibilities and the minimum requirements that successful candidates must meet.

Kandidaat IT developers

Recruitment and selection of candidate it developers

Our recruiters search for suitable candidates who meet the agreed requirements and align with your corporate culture. Often these candidates are already known to us and their details are in our databases. In addition, we look for suitable candidates that are not yet familiar to us, through social networks, recruitment campaigns on local job sites and by visiting meet-ups at recruitment or IT events. All suitable and interested candidates are interviewed by our recruiters. A shortlist of selected candidates will then be provided which will enable you to select the candidate/s most suited to your organisation.


The application process for finding a suitable software developer

You are invited to undertake as many interviews as you deem necessary. This also applies to the selection methods you want to use, such as a programming test or case, which you can undertake as many times as required. In most cases interviews take place via a video call, but sometimes a client will elect to bring the strongest candidate to The Netherlands in the final stages of selection, to meet in person and complete the recruitment steps. You are also welcome of course, to visit our offices in Spain and meet and interview one or more candidates.

If requested, we can verify references or carry out any other additional checks.

Onboarding van uw remote IT’er

Commencement of work and the onboarding process

Once the best candidate or candidates have been selected and hired, every effort will be made to ensure a smooth start. Commencement in the role typically occurs immediately or within a 14 day period. Together with you we will customise an on-boarding program. We offer your remote Developers a fully equipped workplace in one of our Spanish offices.

To increase the efficiency and speed of the onboarding process, we recommend that the remote Developer(s) commence working with the existing development team in The Netherlands. Working in this way for a period of around 2 weeks, will enable you to focus on core tasks and manage your development team without any distraction.

Óscala takes care of all your regulatory HR back office administration. This includes the management of all payroll and statutory related matters with regards to employment. This allows you to concentrate on your core business.

Remote development team

Support, monitoring and personal development of your remote development team

In addition to the daily and direct contact with your remote Developer(s), you will have a point of contact stationed in our Spanish offices. This HR manager will assist you with day-to-day supervision, HR administration and other practical matters. This HR Manager is also responsible for monitoring the attendance and productivity of the Remote Developer(s). Furthermore, the HR Manager will act as a facilitator in the event of any uncertainty, conflict or in matters which require escalation.

Your remote Developers can be included in your training programs. Although these remote Software Developers are on Óscala’s payroll, they work exclusively and entirely for you and as such, are an integral part of your software development team.

remote IT development centers

Visit one of our remote it development centres

As a customer of Óscala, you are always welcome to visit us in Spain. Our offices are available for you to spend a few days with your Remote Developer(s). This enables you to be updated with developments or to discuss work expectations, quality and performance.

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