Nearshore Software Development Centre Spain

With our Nearshore Software Development Centre in Spain you can build your software development capability on a remote basis, while retaining full control over the IT development team. We recruit and select your Software Developers after considering your wishes and ensuring the candidate/s complement your corporate culture. At this point, you interview the candidates and decide who you would like to join the team. We take care of the rest including all matters pertaining to contract, payroll, taxes, office, workplace and ensuring a pleasant working environment.

  • The IT Developers work exclusively for you
  • Our simple and transparent working method helps you to expand your software development capacity to the appropriate level quickly and cost-efficiently
  • Our monthly fixed rate is clear, competitive and convenient with an all-inclusive amount

Locations of our IT Development Centres

The highly qualified software developers (Front End, Back End, Full stack and Mobile) work from our IT Development Centres based in Valencia and Barcelona with different programming languages ​​such as:

Software Developers Quickly Available

Due to extensive experience in the Spanish market, Óscala has an extensive database of university-educated Software Developers. This includes junior to senior Developers, who have an excellent command of the English language and well developed social skills, ensuring they are well suited to work in our Nearshore IT Development Centres.

Nearshoring in Spain ensures you can expand your software development team in an efficient and trusted manner. Our IT development centres are easily accessible and close to international airports (2 to 2.5 hours flight). In addition, labour costs in Spain are lower than those in the Netherlands, which means that a considerable saving can usually be achieved.  Savings can be more significant too, when comparing the costs associated with secondment or hiring a freelance Developer in the Netherlands. Spain has in excess of 150,000 Software Developers, most of them trained at one of the many renowned technical universities.

Advantages of Nearshoring

Other advantages of nearshoring in Spain, compared to offshore or Eastern European nearshore locations (see nearshore vs offshore):

  • Same time zone which ensures corresponding office hours and rapid response times.
  • Western European corporate culture and a work mentality comparable to the Dutch.
  • Wide selection of well-trained, experienced, committed and driven Software Developers
  • Cost efficiency
  • Flexible in scaling up and down of capacity
  • Supervised by a Dutch-speaking local management
  • Excellent accessibility and visiting opportunities

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and explore how this solution can support your business.