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A QA Tester (Quality Assurance Tester) plays an important role in the software development process. Unfortunately, good QA Testers are scarce in the Netherlands. That is why hiring a remote software tester is a good solution for Dutch companies that are experiencing the lack of IT capacity firsthand.

Óscala can help you hire a task-calculated QA tester. A good QA tester knows exactly how to choose, plan, execute and evaluate the most appropriate testing methods. Our engineers have the skills they need for their work, but also the qualities that are essential for good cooperation within your team.

IT specialists are difficult to find in the Netherlands and labor costs are high. To find a better QA tester at a lower cost, it is possible to switch to outsourcing. At Óscala we mainly offer nearshore outsourcing in Spain. The choice for Spain did not arise by chance. In many years of practical experience with nearshoring and offshoring, Spain emerged as an area with maximum strengths.

You can engage Óscala to hire a single tester, but setting up a complete development team is also possible. The software teams hired via Óscala work remotely from one of our Nearshore Development Centers in Spain, but it is certainly possible, for example, to temporarily bring a new team member to the Netherlands during the initial period. It is just as possible to temporarily house Dutch members of your team in Spain.

A certain certainty is that the specialists hired through us work dedicatedly for your company. This ensures that you do not have to share your team member with another client.

Nearshoring a QA Tester

Quality is the key word in Óscala’s services. This is reflected in the excellent qualifications of the testers we recruit. We ensure that your team is expanded with high-quality trained people. They work full-time from one of our Nearshore Development Centers in Spain. A Dutch-speaking supervisor is responsible for supervision. In addition to this, Óscala also takes care of all other matters necessary for your team to work smoothly. We take care of the workplaces, administrative actions and HR matters. The substantive management is also an aspect that you can determine yourself.

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The benefits of outsourcing via Óscala

The limited availability of Dutch IT specialists has fueled the popularity of outsourcing abroad. Elsewhere in the world, however, we find many countries with many high-quality IT personnel. We find such concentrations of talent in, for example, Asia, Latin America and nowadays also in Africa, but increasingly also in Europe. Eastern Europe is well represented, but also Southern Europe.

Pros of nearshoring in Spain

At Óscala, Spain is the big favorite when it comes to outsourcing, and not without reason. The great attention paid to ICT in Spain has greatly increased its potential. As a result, there are many very talented, well-trained QA testers available in the country. Moreover, there are fewer cultural differences than you might think. The Netherlands and Spain are quite similar in terms of work ethic and work attitude.

For Dutch companies that are interested in outsourcing to Spain, a positive point is that the average income for an IT specialist there is lower than in our country. This expands the possibilities for your IT budget.

The place of a QA tester that you have looked for in vain in the Netherlands can probably very well be taken in your organization by a Spanish colleague, with possibly even better results. Complete teams from Spain can also be particularly effective.

Smooth and flexible collaboration

A good QA tester can fit into the team well. Interaction with the other members of the team should be as smooth as possible. The job of the QA tester is also very important for the product being worked on. Everything revolves around quality control, and it has a major impact on everything that runs in your company.

The recruitment profile for a QA tester is often quite specific and highly dependent on the type of tests involved in the software being developed. These are obviously aspects that determine our recruitment and selection. The shortlist that is the result of our preliminary work is your basis for making the final choice. You have complete freedom in how this is achieved. It is good to know that we can facilitate any form of test or assessment.

Quickly put together your ideal team

The extensive network of our recruiters is the key to a large number of Spanish QA testers that you could possibly hire. It quickly provides us with a number of testers who could work for you.

Once you have made your choice, the relevant QA tester can quickly start working on your projects, as a short notice period of two weeks is common in Spain.

The most dedicated QA Engineers

An IT employee recruited by us for your company will be associated with your company on a dedicated basis. So there are no other clients who can also rely on the qualities of your team member.

The fact that your company always occupies a central position with us is also evident from the design of the recruitment and selection process. No recruitment profile falls outside the box for us. We will look for the very best candidates for you without any detours.

Adding a QA tester via Óscala completes your IT teams and promotes quality. Please contact us for more information.