Valencia Remote Software
Development Center

Our Remote Software Development Centre is situated in the old town of Valencia. Based in this office are a variety of Software development teams who work remotely, primarily for Dutch tech companies. The IT / software developers are provided with a well-equipped and spacious workplace, a pleasant working environment and, if required, the most up to date IT hardware and software. Supervision is constantly present in the office and all HR matters are arranged for the developers. Naturally, there is no lack of weekly drinks and other social activities.

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Why an IT Development Centre in Valencia?

Valencia is widely recognised for its oranges, paella, modern architecture and historic city centre. It is the third largest city in Spain with a population of more than 800,000 and with 55,000 students, Valencia is a true university city. There are no less than 5 universities, and according to international rankings, the Universitat Politècnica de València is one of the best technical universities in Spain.

An abundance of talented professionals, the ease of accessibility from The Netherlands via direct flights and the relatively low costs compared to cities such as Madrid, guided Óscala’s decision to establish the Software Development Centre in Valencia.

Moreover, Valencia is a very charming city for you to visit and explore. Once your team is established in our nearshore software development centre, you are very welcome to visit at any stage. We recommend you visit the IT Development Centre in Valencia as it helps facilitate the transfer of knowledge and it fosters teamwork. We are certain you will agree, that spending time in and out of the office in this relaxed, sunny and hospitable metropolis on the Mediterranean coast is a pleasure.

Outsource your Software or web development to Spain

From our offices in Valencia or Barcelona, ​​Spain which are partly staffed with Dutch-speaking personnel, we are perfectly positioned to recruit leading IT professionals. Óscala offers a full-service solution where all costs are incorporated into a single clear rate.  The services include the following:

  • Total employment costs – incorporating administration, social security charges and taxes
  • Recruitment costs
  • HR
  • Travel costs
  • Office space
  • Hardware
  • Local supervision

The recruitment and selection process will be done in close consultation with you. Moreover, the English speaking candidates who are selected, will work exclusively for you and your organisation.