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Hiring a Kotlin Developer may be unknown to you. But because finding a programmer who is well versed in Kotlin in the Netherlands requires a lot of patience and high costs, there is a lot to be said for outsourcing. Kotlin is by far the most used programming language for Android apps. Óscala recognizes better than anyone the lack of qualified people on the Dutch labor market. We offer you an attractive alternative: hiring Spanish Kotlin developers. This way you can start a nearshore Mobile programmer team at very short notice and with great flexibility. Remote, yet relatively close. You can hire dedicated Kottlin programmers with extensive professional knowledge and thorough experience, who work on your projects on a secondment basis. Choosing Óscala means total peace of mind for you and your company. Moreover, hiring Kotlin programmers can help you save on costs. Small projects or large teams: Óscala has a suitable answer for every need for Kotlin developers.

Hiring remote Kotlin programmers

You can confidently entrust us with the recruitment and selection of Kotlin developers. In all cases, we ensure the best match: excellently trained people who want to work full-time for your company. However, they do not do this in the Netherlands, but in one of our Nearshore Development Centers in Spain. Remote secondment is a concept that gives you a lot of space. We arrange supervision for you and ensure that all preconditions for your team to work are in order. You literally don’t have to worry about matters such as workplaces, HR matters and administrative actions regarding salary, leave, illness and taxes.

Remote Outsourcing is also a time-efficient solution. Preparing a team of Kotlin programmers in this way usually only takes a few weeks. We do the preliminary work without wasting time, but as a customer you always have the final say in the selection of candidates. And once the train is moving, you can also shape the substantive management according to your own ideas.

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What benefits does outsourcing via Óscala offer?

The Netherlands is faring poorly when it comes to highly qualified software developers. This unnecessarily increases the costs of IT projects. On the other hand, abroad offers many opportunities in this area, at significantly lower costs. In the past, outsourcing abroad was often chosen, but this also has disadvantages in terms of differences in views regarding corporate culture or something as simple as the time difference.

In contrast, nearshore outsourcing offers all the advantages of seconding personnel to other continents, but also the advantages of a relatively limited geographical distance and the culture-related similarities that come with this. Spain, the country in which Óscala has focused, offers an ideal mix: There are many highly qualified specialists here who find it honorable to work for a Dutch company. Thanks to nearshore outsourcing you have the opportunity to gather the best experienced dedicated remote IT specialists in your team, without requiring excessive amounts of money.

It goes without saying that outsourcing in Spain is attractive in many respects. There are many more Kotlin developers working in Spain than in the Netherlands. The excellent education in the IT field is clearly paying off, also in a qualitative sense. However, the labor market in Spain is less tense than ours. In principle, there are sufficient jobs available. But the best professionals are happy to take advantage of opportunities to work for foreign companies.

Interview, test and choose for yourself

People can be good at their profession, but if they don’t fit into your company, it won’t work. We therefore pay close attention to the ability of candidate developers to adapt to the culture within your company. A good command of the English language is a given. Using our large network, we can quickly find a number of suitable candidates. We will then put together a shortlist on the basis of which you can make a selection for the first round of interviews. How you want to structure the selection procedure is entirely up to you. You may also want to include test assignments or another form of assessment in the procedure; This is all possible and we are happy to assist you.

Your costs are lower and better under control

Hiring Kotlin developers through Óscala will save your company costs. The wage costs of Spanish IT professionals are at a lower level than those of their Dutch colleagues. But perhaps just as important, outsourcing increases your agility. You can quickly scale up or down the size of your teams; We are maximally flexible and can tailor the processes entirely to your wishes without long preparation time.

Quickly assemble your dream team

Óscala’s recruitment team is well versed in the Spanish IT labor market. We know many Kotlin specialists personally. These people have often worked for one of our clients before. An ideal basis for quickly putting together a dedicated team.

In Spain a notice period of two weeks is customary. This means that the candidates you choose can quickly start working for you.

The best Kotlin developers through secondment via Óscala

Seconding via Óscala means that our programmers work dedicatedly. For the duration of your project, they work exclusively for you and not for other companies. The fact that we give you all the space you need when putting together your team is already evident during recruitment, which we tailor entirely to the program of requirements formulated by you. Special wishes are no obstacle for us. Without exception, the candidates that we can offer you on this basis are a good match.

It goes without saying that Kotlin developers that you can hire through us are technically well versed due to the thorough preliminary work. They know better than anyone the great advantages of programming for mobile platforms using this technology. Kotlin has become an indispensable part of the Android world. But this modern programming language is also gaining more and more ground in other applications. When it comes to creating maximum effective code and maximum productivity, with the added benefit of minimizing programming errors, Kotlin sets new standards. However, the availability of solid specialists in this field is a prerequisite for maximum benefit from the benefits.

Óscala creates the conditions for you to attract suitable Kotlin developers for your applications. We can help you have a team of specialists on which you can build further in no time.