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C Developers

The Netherlands is facing a shortage of skilled C Developers. To address this, many companies are turning to overseas solutions, such as the Nearshore Development Centre of Óscala in Spain, where highly qualified C Developers are available to work remotely on projects for Dutch companies.

Hire Developers on a remote basis

At Óscala we customise our recruitment of C Developers to align with your specific wishes and expectations. The selected candidate or team will work from our offices in Spain, providing you with a dedicated and efficient remote development team, without the high start-up costs associated with building one in house. Your remote C Developers will serve as an extension of your own internal development team, offering fast and flexible solutions.

How to hire C Developers

At Óscala we search for the most talented developers for your organisation. All candidates are highly experienced software professionals with the required education and command of the English language. Furthermore, they all possess the right work ethic. Typically, we require two weeks to present you with a selection of candidate C developers. You can then screen them and we will introduce you to the most suitable applicants. At this stage, you will have the opportunity to undertake job interviews and make your final selection.

The chosen candidate can commence quickly. It may be helpful for the new Remote C Developer to spend some time in The Netherlands to build familiarity with the company and team members better.

Let Óscala work for you

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The Óscala approach offers:

netwerk van C++ / C ontwikkelaars in Spanje
Access to our extensive database and network of C developers in Spain.
Lage kosten
Affordable rates – likely lower than a candidate in permanent employment in the Netherlands. Savings can be more significant too, when comparing the costs associated with secondment or hiring a freelance Developer in the Netherlands.
HR services, including supervision, payroll, taxes, and management of vacation and sick leave.

The C developers are dedicated to your company, working on a full time basis for 40 hours per week as an extension of your in-house development team. They work directly for you without the involvement of third parties to integrate easily into your IT department. Our developers are proficient in English, are typically academically trained and have the necessary experience to be successful in your organisation. Accordingly, your remote C team will be an integral part of your IT department.

We invite you to check the possibilities, timing and costs of this accessible solution at Óscala.