Security engineer

Nearshore Software Development with Óscala’s Security Engineer Team

Are you seeking a dedicated Security Engineer for your software projects? Look no further than Óscala, a company that specialises in providing remote software developers to businesses, primarily in the Netherlands. Our nearshore software development services, also known as outsourcing or outstaffing, are designed to give your company access to readily available talented developers.

Dedicated developers for your company

All developers at Óscala work exclusively for a single client. This ensures that we have the resources to meet your needs, regardless of whether you need to hire a single full-time developer or an entire development team. Our development centres are located in Valencia and Barcelona, ​​and our Dutch sales office is located in Haarlem, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration between our teams and our customers.

The Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore software development offers a number of benefits to companies looking to expand their software development capabilities. One of the main benefits relates to cost control, as nearshore development is generally more cost effective than offshore development. In addition, working with a company like Óscala, which has development centres in Spain, ensures the same time zone and close cultural alignment between your company and the developers working on your projects. This can lead to improved communication and collaboration, resulting in more efficient and effective development.

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Expertise in security engineering

At Óscala, we have a large pool of security engineering experts. Our developers are highly skilled in a variety of security technologies and best practices and are committed to keeping your software and data safe. Whether you need to secure a single application or an entire infrastructure, our security engineers have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Ensuring the Security of Your Software Projects

Security is a critical aspect of software development and at Óscala we take it very seriously. Our security engineers are trained to identify and mitigate potential security threats at every stage of the development process. By working with Óscala, you can rest assured that the software developed by your Óscala employees is secure and compliant with industry standards.

If you are looking for a dedicated Security Engineer or a Security team, do not hesitate to contact us at Óscala. Our nearshore software development services, commitment to security and team of expert developers are ready to help you achieve your goals.