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Hiring one or more Haskell Developers can be an answer to the growing problem of a limited supply of developers in the Netherlands. Haskell is a strong, functional programming language that produces applications with good performance. But it is also a language that requires a lot of knowledge. This knowledge is difficult to find in the Netherlands. The search is a difficult task for many companies. However, if you choose outsourcing via Óscala, you will have access to an excellently qualified team of Haskell developers in the short term. This works in Spain, so nearshore, based on remote posting.

Through Óscala you can hire a team of highly trained dedicated Haskell programmers for whom this technology holds no secrets. Dedicated means that our people do not work for other clients, but exclusively for your company. We also take care of you completely. Despite all these benefits, you still save money. Hire one Haskell developer or a larger team? At Óscala everything is possible.

Hiring Haskell Developers from Spain

Our network of IT specialists only includes highly qualified people. However, instead of working at your company in the Netherlands, they operate from one of our Spanish Nearshore Development Centers in Spain. Remote secondment relieves your business operations. This means that we take care of the supervision for you and create the necessary preconditions. We take care of all workplace, HR matters and administrative concerns such as salary, tax payments and registering illness and leave. On other points, such as substantive management, you naturally retain every opportunity to take initiative.

Anyone who has ever experienced the difficult recruitment of IT specialists in the Netherlands will be pleasantly surprised to discover how smoothly this process runs through Óscala. The composition of your own team of Haskell developers can be completed within a few weeks.

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Affordable hiring of Haskell Developers via Óscala

Looking for one or more experienced Haskell developers in the Netherlands often leads to outsourcing. The supply of such specialists in the Netherlands is simply too limited to serve everyone. This greatly increases the market value – read: salary level – of Haskell programmers. However, alternatives are available: you can save significantly on costs through remote secondment. Nearshore outsourcing is an attractive option that combines low costs with high quality. You avoid the well-known and sometimes serious disadvantages of offshore solutions in, for example, Latin America or India. After years of experience in many labor markets, Óscala focuses on Spain. There are many excellent professionals here, a strong testament to the excellent IT education in the country. Working for a Dutch company is considered prestigious in Spain, which is why many specialists are interested.

Outsourcing in Spain is a sum of advantages. Spain has many developers with a high degree of competence. You can hire Haskell programmers at a relatively low cost. They will work on your projects with enthusiasm and will find their way into your organization quickly and smoothly. Cultural differences are not an issue.

Talk to yourself, test and choose the best Haskell developers

Suitability for the specific atmosphere and culture within your company may not be measurable, but it is important. At Óscala we recognize the great importance of employees who can adapt well to their environment. Of course, knowledge and experience also play a very important role and it is equally important that candidates can communicate with their new colleagues in English. We compile a shortlist from all candidates, which then forms the starting point for the final selection phase. As a rule, your company will take the lead in this and will also shape the selection method. The substantive management is also usually a matter in which the client has a say.

Reduce your costs

Hiring a software developer with the help of Óscala saves costs and delivers quality gains. But your flexibility will also receive a boost. We can quickly anticipate your changing wishes and needs and organize the secondment process exactly according to your preferences. With this formula, scaling up and down of your team can be achieved quickly.

Quickly put together your ideal team

The large network of Haskell specialists is one of the strengths that you as a customer of Óscala can benefit from. Within just a few weeks we can introduce a number of suitable candidates to you.

The fact that a notice period of only fourteen days is the norm on the Spanish labor market further shortens the lead time. The developers you choose can almost always join your team very quickly.

Outsourcing dedicated Haskell developers

Your programmers recruited through Óscala work exclusively for your company. This exclusivity already starts during the recruitment phase. Your specific recruitment profile is the starting point here. This philosophy implies that unusual profiles are also given plenty of space at Óscala. Searching for the most suitable candidates is our priority.

The wide availability of highly qualified designers makes high quality requirements possible. Only candidates with the CV best tailored to your projects are good enough for us. We are not satisfied with compromises.

No matter which Haskell applications you have in mind, with the help of Óscala you can always find the right people. Strengthen your IT teams with excellent developers who are pleasant to work with. At Óscala we would like to share our knowledge and experience with you.