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More and more companies are taking the step to hire C Sharp developers at low costs. In the more than twenty-year history of C Sharp (also known as C#), it has developed into a widely used, flexible programming and scripting language. There is therefore a good chance that there will be a demand for C Sharp developers in your IT projects. The problematic availability of sufficient Dutch developers can then form an obstacle. But Óscala offers a solution through nearshore outsourcing. An ideal concept for quickly setting up a C Sharp programming team. Your team of developers works remotely in Spain. They work dedicated, or exclusively for your company, on a secondment basis. Your collaboration with Óscale marks the end of many things that cost energy, time and money. Óscala takes care of everything and helps you keep your costs under control. Discover now the benefits of hiring IT specialists through Óscala.

Hiring remote C Sharp Developers

Stop searching fruitlessly for Dutch C Sharp programmers. Hiring C Sharp developers through our intervention produces excellent professionals. Available full-time from a Nearshore Development Center in Spain. Remote secondment means, among other things, that supervision and all preconditions are our responsibility. We provide good workplaces with the right equipment, a pleasant working atmosphere that stimulates productivity and arranging additional HR matters and all administrative aspects. You can leave matters such as salary payment, tax payments, registration of sick and vacation days to us.

Our approach guarantees a quick completion of the start-up process. Your own team of C Sharp programmers will be ready to help you within a few weeks. Yet you remain in control of all important points. You can handle the selection of the candidates yourself. The same applies to the substantive management during the term of your projects.

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The benefits of hiring C Sharp Developers through Óscala at a glance

Outsourcing has become the norm for many companies that are intensively involved in IT projects. Dutch specialists are simply difficult to find. On the other hand, the market situation is often different abroad. There are more professionals available and the costs of hiring them are often much lower. In the past, the focus was often on outsourcing overseas, especially in Asia and Latin America. That image is now changing. Many Dutch companies experience the benefits of nearshore outsourcing as decisive. At Óscala, past experiences have led to a concentration on Spain, where many very well-qualified professionals can be found. They are more than happy to work for your company. Thanks to nearshore outsourcing via Óscala, you can hire a single developer or a complete team of experienced IT specialists and thus give your IT projects a powerful boost.

The favorable Spanish labor market and a number of additional factors ensure that outsourcing in Spain presents a promising scenario. In Spain, great emphasis has been placed on developing IT potential for decades. Education in this field in Spain is highly regarded internationally. The Spanish economy offers sufficient opportunities for IT personnel to develop. However, this does not alter the fact that working for a Dutch company represents added value on the CV of every Spanish C Sharp developer.

Select C Sharp candidates at your own discretion

Óscala’s solid network offers an excellent starting point for the recruitment of C Sharp developers. During the initial selection, we naturally pay close attention to whether candidates are properly qualified, but we do not lose sight of the fact that other factors are important for successful integration into your company. It goes without saying that it is important that candidates can handle the English language well. Our preliminary work produces a shortlist that forms the basis for your final selection. You choose which candidates you interview. The further course of the procedure, in the form of an assessment or a test assignment, can also be determined entirely by you.

Cost-effective and flexible

Hiring a software developer in Spain through Óscala saves your company money. Immediately, because Spanish IT professionals can be hired more cheaply than their Dutch colleagues. But the excellent quality and the fact that your projects can be organized extremely flexibly also contribute to the cost-effectiveness of IT projects organized together with Óscala. We can respond immediately to your changing wishes and needs and organize the secondment process entirely according to your insights. Scaling up and down can always be achieved in a very short time.

A complete team, without wasting time

Recruitment through us is usually very fast. Thanks to our large network of C Sharp specialists, we can make direct contact with a large number of candidates. It usually takes less than just a few weeks before we can introduce the first suitable candidates to you.

The fact that a notice period of only fourteen days is common on the Spanish labor market saves even more time. This allows the specialists you selected to get to work quickly.

Outsourcing the best C Sharp developers

Hiring C Sharp programmers always means that the recruited people work dedicatedly for your company. You are therefore the only client. It goes without saying that this always deserves preference over other constructions.

Because your collaboration with Óscala always results in a completely unique recruitment and selection process, it is also possible to take your specific requirements and wishes into account down to the smallest detail. A special recruitment profile will never cause us any problems. You determine what requirements your best candidate must meet.

C Sharp’s versatility means that developers’ CVs can include a variety of experiences in this area.

We are alert to this in our recruitment and selection and we always keep a close eye on the specific needs as discussed with you

At Óscala we go to great lengths to hire the best C Sharp developers for you. We look forward to working with you to take your IT projects to the next level.