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Óscala offers support to anyone who is considering hiring a professional Engineer. Just as is the case with developers, engineers are also sought after in the Netherlands to complete IT teams. But because there has been a shortage of good technical professionals in our country for years, entrepreneurs are experiencing many delays.

Engineer positions differ in a number of ways from the role that developers play in a project team. Engineers are often the ones with the helicopter view and the ability to connect the different disciplines within a team. This places specific demands on engineers. They must be technically well versed, but also have knowledge of all preconditions, be able to show empathy and be able to collaborate excellently.

Hiring a well-trained and experienced engineer from Spain through Óscala can be a new step in accelerating your IT processes. You are assured of the right technical background, and you also rely on someone with the knowledge and wisdom to form the connecting factor between all players.

Whether it concerns a QA engineer or QA tester, a DevOps engineer, a data engineer, a security engineer or a cyber security engineer, the common denominator among the IT specialists that you can hire via Óscala is that they are your qualitative will exceed expectations. And all this at costs for which you will not find an alternative on the Dutch labor market.

Hiring an engineer offers a number of advantages. It is interesting from a cost perspective, but it also provides your company with efficiency and flexibility. Moreover, it is often the fastest way to results. Because hiring an engineer through Óscala works according to the principle of dedicated secondment, you do not have to share your engineer with other clients, but he or she works full-time for you.

Remote hiring of engineers

Óscala offers outsourcing of IT functions in Spain. Spain is a relatively young market in the field of remote posting. In the past, outsourcing was more often a matter of investing IT capacity in Asian and Latin American countries (offshore). This is now happening in our country. Too often, collaboration with employees in areas with different cultural values and norms and in a different time zone proved to be too complicated.

For these reasons, we at Óscala have now wholeheartedly chosen nearshoring Spain as the focus for our activities. After all, nearshore outsourcing in Spain offers many advantages. First of all, the level of expertise of Spanish IT specialists is particularly high. The fact that Spain is a European country within our time zone has the positive consequence that we can collaborate with them simultaneously from different locations. But mutual working visits are also much less cumbersome to realize.

Our engineers work full-time in one of our Nearshore Development Centers in Spain. A Dutch-speaking supervisor supervises this. This simplifies communication even more for you as a customer. But Óscala also takes care of many other aspects. In short, we ensure that our IT specialists lack nothing at their workplace. Setting up the workplace and taking care of all equipment are self-evident parts of this. But it also includes taking care of all HR-related matters, carrying out all administrative actions and everything surrounding it to stimulate the productivity of your engineer as much as possible.

So you can let go of a lot, but at the same time you maintain control over all essential points. You choose which engineer you want to add to your team and you manage the content yourself.

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Flexible nearshoring via Óscala

Many Dutch companies already do outsourcing when it comes to IT. But as far as Óscala is concerned, the concept cannot be limited to rigid formulas. With us, you as a customer have complete freedom and can organize the processes exactly as you see fit. Based on this philosophy, it is possible to choose to hire a single engineer who will take up a place in your team remotely (whether permanently or possibly hybrid), but when further expansion of a team or setting up a complete team is desired , that might as well be the case.

More possible at lower costs

Our choice for Spain did not come about by chance. Over the past twenty years we have gained a lot of experience in the outsourcing market. We built our portfolio in many offshore and nearshore destinations. But the benefits of nearhoring in Spain have convinced us so much that the concentration of our activities is now on the Spanish labor market.

In Spain we find many very well qualified professionals with whom, viewed through a ‘Dutch lens’, it is problem-free to work together. Spanish engineers generally have an excellent command of English and their work ethic is not far removed from what we are used to in our country. But because wages in Spain have not been raised to great heights due to the specific market situation (read: the wider supply), there is a lot of cost gain to be made.

Spanish labor legislation is also flexible in Spain. The usual notice period is only two weeks. This is obviously very beneficial if you want to get started with your new engineer quickly.

More freedom for better results

The role of engineers in a team is often complicated and proper implementation requires many different qualities. The success of the recruitment and selection process is highly dependent on a correctly formulated profile. We can of course advise you on this. This also applies to the way in which you determine the choice of the most suitable candidate. We can facilitate a lot for you with regard to selection methods.

Quick completion

Our recruiters have an extensive network at their disposal. Many available engineers have worked for one of our clients at one time or another. Based on this experience, we can quickly make a well-founded pre-selection.

Outsourcing the best engineers via Óscala

Our dedicated engineers represent the top of the market. Our Spanish professionals know their stuff and have what it takes to take a key position in your IT teams.

Nearshoring in Spain via Óscala is an affordable alternative for your company to the difficult search for equivalent quality in the Netherlands and saves you time and money. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you further.