Highly Skilled Migrant / International Recruitment & Selection of IT Personnel

The Netherlands is facing a shortage of IT personnel, and as a result, there has been an increase in the exchange of IT professionals with other countries. IT Recruitment & Selection involves recruiting experienced programmers who have earned their accreditation and established themselves abroad. The Óscala team has in excess of twenty years of experience in this specialised market and has a large close-knit network of local recruiters. This ensures we are well placed to identify and attract the most highly qualified employees for our clients.

Why recruit and select ICT personnel in international markets?

In summary, undertaking recruitment and selection internationally is an appealing approach to attract the best developers, particularly in areas like The Netherlands where there is a shortage of skilled IT personnel. When recruiting & selecting IT personnel at an international level, Óscala focuses primarily on Spain, Portugal and Ukraine. These three markets typically have a large pool of highly qualified software developers who possess the right credentials.

Spain and Portugal have been recognised for several years as countries that have a high number of qualified developers. In both countries the level of unemployment was high during the economic crisis, which led to many IT professionals seeking employment across the border. However, employment in the Southern European economies has improved in recent years and software developers who want to give their career a boost with international projects are willing to work for a foreign employer. This has resulted in a higher level of qualifications of the average IT professional from these countries.

Ukraine is a relatively young addition to our developer recruitment field. Like Spain and Portugal, Ukraine have motivated and expert programmers who are willing to work on international projects and transcend the limitations of the national labour market.

What does the recruitment process involve?

Describe the vacancy and development profile you are looking for
Knowing your company well is important to us: what kind of development does it need? What will be the day-to-day duties of the job?

Sign a partnership agreement
We collect the expected objectives, the details of the vacancy and the minimum requirements the candidates must meet. We agree to the Terms and Conditions.

We start looking for the best programmers
We have access to databases and other avenues to find quality programmers for your project.

We select candidates with the strongest profiles in advance
We consciously identify the best professionals within our campaign. We will interview and shortlist the candidates that best suit your project and company culture.

Take control of the selection
At this point you can assess the suitability of the candidates. You are able to do online or in-person interviews in The Netherlands or in Spain, propose programming tests, practical cases, or evaluations of soft skills.

Start working
The selected professional or team can initially travel to The Netherlands to work with the rest of the team for a given period and then work from Óscala’s offices Spain.

Just take care of your project
We provide day-to-day supervision through a detailed follow-up of the activities developed by the programmers.

International IT recruitment & selection

International recruitment and selection of IT professionals is becoming an important solution for companies as they seek to attract specialists for their ICT projects. The Dutch market for specialised IT personnel is competitive and expensive, and this is where Óscala comes in. By tapping into the international market, we can quickly and effectively find the right candidates who are highly motivated and skilled to meet the specific needs of your project. If you’re interested in learning more about how Óscala can help you with the recruitment and selection of software professionals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.