Hybrid model

In addition to the models previously mentioned, hybrid arrangements can also be negotiated, where a Spanish Software Developer or an entire IT development team first works on-site in The Netherlands for a specified period, such as 6 months or a year, and then continues to work remotely from one of our remote IT development centres in Spain.

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Hybrid model: combination of Spanish highly skilled migrant/W&S and Nearshore development centre Spain.

The hybrid model offers many benefits for both the candidate and the company. In commencing with an on-site period in The Netherlands, the Spanish Software Developer(s) can gain a deeper understanding of the company culture, the team, the technology and the Dutch society, which can help promote smooth communication and coordination. Then, by continuing to work remotely from Spain, the developer(s) can work in a familiar environment and culture, which can allow them to balance professional growth with personal needs. This short-term commitment can be “the best of both worlds” for both the candidate and the company, as the candidate can get the experience they want while the company can access the talent they need.